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photo of Super Silver haze seeds

Super Silver haze seeds

4.5 stars out of 77 reviews.
thc / CBD 21% / 0.00%
Indica / sativa 25% / 75%
yield 500 Grams (18 ounces) m2
difficulty moderate
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Super Silver haze seeds specifications

thc 21%
CBD 0.00%
Indica 25%
sativa 75%
yield Indoor 500 Grams (18 ounces) m2
yield Outdoor 600 Grams (21 ounces) m2
height Indoor 80 cm
height Outdoor 200 cm
flower time 11 to 12 weeks
harvest month October
difficulty moderate

Super Silver haze seeds description

Super Silver Haze is another award-winning strain we supply. The first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis CUP in 1997, 1998 and 1999 has to be something you can't miss.

Super Silver Haze is known for it's body high, giving you a great energy, but it's high THC percentage means that inexperienced smokers will be knocked out if they smoke too much.

This cross between Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze has earned it reputation as one of the best hazes available. Sticky and aromatic, this potent Sativa will give you a unique experience.

Growers info:

Very lenthy flowering time of 10-12 weeks due to Haze genetics. Prone to slow growth punctuated with quick growspurts. Producing very high yields.

Tends to grow tall. Tie the plant down or cut out the central cola to fix this. Not for inexperienced growers. Hard work, but you will be rewarded for your efforts with a very special harvest.

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