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photo of Purple Kush seeds

Purple Kush seeds

3.5 stars out of 18 reviews.
thc / CBD 18% / 0.52%
Indica / sativa 100% / 0%
yield 550 Grams (19 ounces) m2
difficulty moderate
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Purple Kush seeds specifications

thc 18%
CBD 0.52%
Indica 100%
sativa 0%
yield Indoor 550 Grams (19 ounces) m2
yield Outdoor 850 Grams (30 ounces) m2
height Indoor 90 cm
height Outdoor 180 cm
flower time 8 to 9 weeks
harvest month October
difficulty moderate

Purple Kush seeds description

Purple Kush seeds where engineered in California in the late nineties as a crossing between Purple Afghan and Hindu Kush. Purple Kush is a 100% indica strain which results in a short and dense marijuana plant with compact but heavy buds. The beautiful purple leaves full of resin makes is a wonderful marijuana plant to grow. A good strain to grow outdoor in, especially in Mediterranean climates.

Purple Kush smell a bit dank, just like other Kush strains do. While smoking Purple Kush you will get into a state of total relaxation, great for people with sleep deprivation to get a good night rest.


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