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photo of Lemon Ice seeds

Lemon Ice seeds

4.5 stars out of 7 reviews.
thc / CBD 20% / 0.53%
Indica / sativa 30% / 70%
yield 450 Grams (16 ounces) m2
difficulty moderate
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Lemon Ice seeds specifications

thc 20%
CBD 0.53%
Indica 30%
sativa 70%
yield Indoor 450 Grams (16 ounces) m2
yield Outdoor 600 Grams (21 ounces) m2
height Indoor 110 cm
height Outdoor 270 cm
flower time 9 to 10 weeks
harvest month September
difficulty moderate

Lemon Ice seeds description

Lemon Ice is another one of our Sativa hybrids. This tasty strain has some Indica in it for a nice body buzz but the Sativa will lift you up high.

Smoking Lemon Ice gives a very refreshing and anxiety blocking high making it a good choice for medical users that want to have a stress-free day.

Lemon Ice obviously gets it's name from it's refreshing, citrus taste and connoisseurs love it for it's unique qualities. If you want a special experience, we highly recommend growing growing Lemon Ice seeds.

Growers info:

Lemon Ice is a hardy plant, has good resistance to all manner of diseases and molds.

Good outdoor plant for hot climates. Also grows indoors but make sure you have enough light.

It is a high yielder with very compact buds loaded with resin.

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