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photo of Autoflower Feminized Indica Combo seeds

Autoflower Feminized Indica Combo seeds

4 stars out of 5 reviews.
thc / CBD 16% / 2.00%
Indica / sativa 70% / 30%
yield 400 Grams (14 ounces) m2
difficulty moderate
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Autoflower Feminized Indica Combo specifications

thc 16%
CBD 2.00%
Indica 70%
sativa 30%
yield Indoor 400 Grams (14 ounces) m2
yield Outdoor 650 Grams (23 ounces) m2
height Indoor 70 cm
height Outdoor 140 cm
flower time 8 to 9 weeks
harvest month October
difficulty moderate

Autoflower Feminized Indica Combo description

A Feminized Autoflower combination package including 5 Northern Light Feminized Autoflower seeds and 5 Bubblegum Feminized Autoflower seeds. These strains are hybrids though the genetics are Indica dominant, which means this strains grows best in the Indica regions if grown outdoor.

The Bubblegum autoflower feminized is a delicious strain. The average THC percentage and the high CBD percentage makes Bubblegum an great daytime smoke, especially for medical marijuana patients. Bubblegum Autoflower feminized helps against anxienty and pains. Fluffy and soft buds which gives a great smoke experience.

Northern Light Autoflower Feminized is a 90% dominant Indica strain. This strain grows perfectly in colder regions which is why the Northern Light Autoflower Feminized is so popular across Europe and the Northern Atmosphere. One of the Indica strains on the market. A beautiful strain with dark green leafs with dense and sticky buds!

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