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Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Learn how to germinate marijuana seeds succesfully.

There are two well-known ways of germinating marijuana seeds. One is to put the seeds in a glass of distilled water for 24 to 48 hours. The other is to putting them between two plates with moist tissue. Although both germination methods work fine, we encourage you to germinate your marijuana seeds between two plates with moist tissue/paper. We have come to the conclusion that the germination rate is higher in that case, since we are constantly testing the germination rate of the marijuana seeds we sell. We are talking about thousands of seeds tested on germination.

Keep the following rules in mind before starting the germination process.

  • Do not touch the seeds with your bare hands, use gloves or soft forceps.
  • Only use distilled or bottled water. Tap water or water from a well will drasticly decrease germination rate.
  • Do not use air-tight humidity domes for germination. They prevent the vital air circulation and will cause mold, wasting your seedlings.
  • Germinate your seeds at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit) and avoid temperature fluctuations.

Germinate marijuana seeds between two plates and moist tissue

The equipment you will need:

  • Two plates that are the same.
  • Tissues, paper or other water-bearing material (ph neutral).
  • Clean distilled ph neutral water at room temperature.
  • Disinfected gloves (those white ones that doctors wear).

The germination procedure

1. Place some moistened tissues on the first plate. Make sure the tissues aren‘t too wet so drain any excess water from the plate. As stated previously, the water needs to be at room temperature.

2. Now put your marijuana seeds on top of the moist tissue, giving each seed as much space as possible.

3. Put some more moist tissues on top of the seeds, so they‘re completely covered.

4. Now put the second plate upside down on top of the first plate.

5. Put the plate with seeds in a warm, dark environment where no temperature fluctuation will occur.

It usually takes up to 72 hours for the first marijuana seeds to open and show root. In some extreme cases seeds might take up to 10 days before they show root.

When the length of the root emerged from the seeds is about 2.5 cm / 1 inch you can transfer them into your growth medium of choice (soil, rockwool or cocofibre for example). Be carefull here, don‘t touch the seeds with your bare hands and keep them out of direct sunlight.

Create a hole in the medium for each seed, insert the seeds with the root downwards so they are 0.5 cm / 0.2 inch below the surface, just enough to block light.
Cover the seed with 0.2" of soil and firm lightly

The seedlings usually emerge from the growth medium in 24 to 72 hours after you have planted the germinated seeds. When they do, it is time to put them under (sun)light and start growing.

If you are planning to grow outside, you should place the germinated marijuana seeds on the windowsill for 2 weeks so the can get used to the sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

Any further information on growing marijuana can be found in our marijuana grow guide.

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